Oh, Please!

Oh, Please!

You say,
Oh please not this again
On that subject please do not begin
But I say yes
I feel compelled to do my best
To convince you

People do not want to hear today
Especially in the US of A
About another level of existence
To this among the world
Is a strong, strong level of resistance

Wanting to believe merely on the physical
Minds throw up all kinds of an obstacle
To believing in a supernatural
Of angels, demons, good, evil
Or heavens forbid, a God!

For them I feel most sorry
They miss out on Christ’s love
His kindness, mercy, joy-filled glory
On the face of this planet
Will there never be a more beautiful story!

Caught up in money’s lust
In themselves alone have they to trust
& only physical pleasures, 
The most fleeting of all treasures,
Ignoring an inner voice
Reminding that denying death 
For no one is a choice
So while they wish to wallow
Only in this physicality’s mud
I hope you will choose to follow
The Holy One from Above
& the forgiveness
Of His Beauty’s Overwhelming Love!! 

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