Already There

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Already There

You’re already in eternity
Rest on this most assuredly
God’s time is always
Never ceasing 
His wisdom lovingly endows
If you will but listen
Let yourself with a new Spirit
At last be christened

He will
To fit into
His Eternity’s Now
So His strength may 
His Love imbue

YOU are


You are the flame
Within the candle’s light
You are the fire
Within its heat
The wind inside each 
Taken breath
The song that causes
My small heart to beat

Without YOU, 
I would not,
Could not
Begin to exist
Your love alone helps me
Each of this dark world’s lusts
To resist

Praise you, 
Thank you
For helping me along
Each of life’s most treacherous
Precarious turns & twists!!

Infinity’s Hordes

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Infinity’s Hordes

I can’t explain it
Most times do not
Understand it
Have always felt
Out of step
With all that goes on
Around me

Life flows
Ordinary things
Business of existing
But I stand still
Until I look up
See your face
& breathe in
One deep breath

Hordes of angels
Surround me
To do your bidding
I can feel it
Getting stronger
Lasting longer
Making ready
For that One Great Day
Waiting for that 
One Last Word

To GO!
Now it will begin
It will be the end
Of satan’s sway
Over earth
Beginning its new birth
Hordes will reassert
God’s complete control

Meant to correct
Our planet’s daily 
Around a no longer
Needed sun
As we run
Into ecstatic Joy
To live with YOU
Into infinity!!!

The Trust

The Trust

Cancer 2 times has
Called my name
Life for me does 
Not feel just the same

My time down here
Grows more limited
It may not even much
Longer be extended

What awaits for me
Is held within a Trust
In greater hands than mine
Transcending the restrictive
Limits of our sense of time

From this Trust
In my daily borrows 
Therein lies Christ’s strength
To overcome all pain & sorrows
Never was I meant to live
In cruel poverty
But to receive the resources
In His Kingship’s sovereignty!

Praise You, Lord Jesus!

Although the use of 
This Trust
May come with a few
Conditions or regulations
Never meant to be shunned
Were His love’s guidelines

To enjoy the pleasures 
That await
As you are allowed to enter
Between Heaven’s 
Welcoming gates
With each step’s forward thrust
Open wide your arms to receive
The lavish riches of this,
His Glorious Trust!



You touch 
The tip
Of Your finger
To Your lip
Then to 
The very tip
Of my hand’s 
Where You let
It linger
For only one heart’s beat

And then
It overflows
So that it too may grow
This seed 
It wishes
To enlarge

I take what
You offer
Fill my heart’s coffers
Then silently
It flows
Until it reaches
Down to my toes

& I touch
The tip of
My finger
Where I let
It linger
To another’s

Your Spirit
To be
Passed on

Another does
The same
So Your 
Most Glorious Name
May be passed
Finger to finger

Until at last
It’s been passed
Until no one
Else remains

All has been done
To save
Each & every one!!

The Broken Restored!

The Broken Restored

My soul was broken
In pieces shattered
Only You could collect
The pieces
From where 
They were scattered

Into the darkness
Your fingers reached
& found them
I stand restored,
Whole, once again

A new creation 
Is for what you wish
But only You, Dear Savior
That truth can seal
With Your Holy Kiss!

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