Infinity’s Hordes

Photo by Carlos Moral Reis on
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Photo by Maria Orlova on
Infinity’s Hordes

I can’t explain it
Most times do not
Understand it
Have always felt
Out of step
With all that goes on
Around me

Life flows
Ordinary things
Business of existing
But I stand still
Until I look up
See your face
& breathe in
One deep breath

Hordes of angels
Surround me
To do your bidding
I can feel it
Getting stronger
Lasting longer
Making ready
For that One Great Day
Waiting for that 
One Last Word

To GO!
Now it will begin
It will be the end
Of satan’s sway
Over earth
Beginning its new birth
Hordes will reassert
God’s complete control

Meant to correct
Our planet’s daily 
Around a no longer
Needed sun
As we run
Into ecstatic Joy
To live with YOU
Into infinity!!!

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