Easter #2

Easter II

Easter is a time
To remind
Of this earth’s re-birth
A removal of 
Our own sin’s curse

It was an absolute win
Of Jesus the living Christ
As He gave us a chance
At a totally new life
A REBIRTH of His Paradise

As He stepped out
Of a darkened tomb
He was giving us a chance
To come out of 
That darkened womb
Of our own evil rebellion

Easter is as in 
His Holy Book
A telling of that story
Wherein is revealed
God’s greatest glory
His Mercy, Grace & 

His love for us so great
He was willing to put at stake
His own SON’S LIFE
The greatest sacrifice

So on that history-shattering day
We were eternally saved
Out of His Greatest Love
From forever being thrown
Into infinity’s blackest abyss

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