Just Released New Childrens Book for Easter

New Childrens Book for Easter

Illustrated Storybook availabe on Amazon.com

A charming storybook that emphasizes the life-giving and healing powers of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

On a unique day’s adventure, the weakest member of a loving bunny family is allowed to experience for himself the miracle of Jesus’ resurrection. Early on a spring morning in a small garden, the young bunny encounters the living Christ as Jesus lovingly shows his power to forever heal and change anyone’s life!



We were created to be
Mirrors of someone 
Greater, Higher, Wiser

Easter gives us our chance
To once more dance
At the foot of His Throne
Held enthralled within the golden glow
Of His Beauty

But all of that dance
Requires for us to return
To that which so many spurn
Obedience, submission
To God’s will

So reach for that opportunity
To once again live in unity
With someone so beautiful
That submission to Him
Only brings about a win
For you of perfection’s glory!

Easter #2

Easter II

Easter is a time
To remind
Of this earth’s re-birth
A removal of 
Our own sin’s curse

It was an absolute win
Of Jesus the living Christ
As He gave us a chance
At a totally new life
A REBIRTH of His Paradise

As He stepped out
Of a darkened tomb
He was giving us a chance
To come out of 
That darkened womb
Of our own evil rebellion

Easter is as in 
His Holy Book
A telling of that story
Wherein is revealed
God’s greatest glory
His Mercy, Grace & 

His love for us so great
He was willing to put at stake
His own SON’S LIFE
The greatest sacrifice

So on that history-shattering day
We were eternally saved
Out of His Greatest Love
From forever being thrown
Into infinity’s blackest abyss


Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com

White rabbits & chocolate bunnies
All those warm, soft fuzzies
Pastel eggs hidden in green grass
Until a happy child makes
A joyful discovery of them at last
With loud, sudden squeals of delight
What a truly pleasing sight!

All dressed up in clean, bright clothes
All done for this day’s special show
Soft ribbons in the hair
New shoes, polished, & on the feet
& goodies that will not long
Be allowed in a basket to keep

Nothing wrong with these simple delights
God does not mind us
Enjoying all his blessings
But with many of these gifts
May also at times come a terrible testing

This day of Easter is really
About a sacrifice
Not to be forgotten
For all our joys & pleasures
Came at the cost of another’s life!

A bloodied cross, a broken body
An empty tomb
God’s love on display
Brought about all of the
Joys & pleasures of this day

Made us once more
Welcome in Heaven
Brought us back into 
God’s loving arms
Safe at last from all of 
satan’s cruelest harms

So on that most glorious day
Our eternal souls were saved
As Christ stepped back out 
Into a world He owned
Eternity’s power rolled back
That oh so heavy stone
So you too also may
Be allowed to step out of 
Your own emptied grave!!

Easter’s Tree

Easter’s Tree

Easter’s tree
Sat on a hill
Of death & blood
But not even
satan’s evil
Could stop the
scarlet flood
Of God’s forceful love 

From showing on
That day
Formed as he was
Like us,
of the clay
Still was He
God’s seed,
His Only Son

On that day
That wooden tree
Was transformed
For all to see
The flowering of 
God’s heart
So from the start
For us, that tree
Remains our life’s Victory!!