Winter Whites

KODAK Digital Still Camera
 Winter Whites
 Winter always reminds me of white -- purity. I don’t know, maybe because 
that’s when it snows the most. Things always seem to slow down.
 The frantic growing of spring and summer is absent. The earth seems
 to be taking a rest.
 Less rushing around
 Time to let go
 More repose
 Be slow
 More inner reflection
 Look for a higher direction
    For my thoughts
 Be enveloped by
 Peaceful stillness 
 Make it an endeavor most earnest
 Go deeper into myself
 That inner me
 I usually place upon a shelf
 As I rush around
 Get to know God’s peace that
 Passes understanding.
 Come, Lord Jesus, come.
 Recreate your world and
 Leave your peace and repose! 






Rushing here

Rushing there

People pushing

Looking, searching



We have stress

I understand the tests

We go through everyday

But for a moment

Could we not just stay?


To let go

Of the constant

Looking for the


We don’t even know


Why or what we

Look for

This constant rushing

Will rob you of

All your joy


I cannot stop

You say

Because if I do


I will feel the pain


The separation I feel

The need

The hole in my middle

Which continues to bleed


We have separated

From the source of life

A living, breathing

God/Creator/Loving Father

He does not wish for us

This terrible, horrible strife


We put ourselves thru

Each day we begin anew

With the rushing,

Accumulating of more

More useless things

Less joy


So, seek your God

Let go of seeking

Useless idols

Let life be in the being

With, in the presence of

the One who

Can fill the emptiness

And lay your pain to rest


John 14:27 My peace I give to you, my peace I leave you. I do not give to you as the world gives. So do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

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