Winter Whites

KODAK Digital Still Camera
 Winter Whites
 Winter always reminds me of white -- purity. I don’t know, maybe because 
that’s when it snows the most. Things always seem to slow down.
 The frantic growing of spring and summer is absent. The earth seems
 to be taking a rest.
 Less rushing around
 Time to let go
 More repose
 Be slow
 More inner reflection
 Look for a higher direction
    For my thoughts
 Be enveloped by
 Peaceful stillness 
 Make it an endeavor most earnest
 Go deeper into myself
 That inner me
 I usually place upon a shelf
 As I rush around
 Get to know God’s peace that
 Passes understanding.
 Come, Lord Jesus, come.
 Recreate your world and
 Leave your peace and repose!