Not Bad for an Older Lady!

KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera

I got to ride my bike again today on a longer ride, almost ten miles. It’s my new hobby, and I love it! I am a 2X cancer survivor, and I’m grateful God lets me enjoy the bike riding. Each day feels like a gift to still be able to enjoy life with my family & friends. May God bless your day. Praise Him for his grace and mercy!!

Also I could not resist this photo of some beautiful, massive old sycamore trees at the water’s edge. In winter without the leaves, you can see their white bark even better. Have a good day!

Finally a Sunny Day!

We finally, finally had a sunny day after grey skies for a week. It was nice to get out on our greenway system which runs along the river to ride my bike and take a few photos. I love the way the intense morning sun made the water sparkle like liquid diamonds. In the winter with no leaves on the trees, you get to really seen the twisted, gnarled shapes of the trees so much better. The large, old sycamores are the most beautiful I think with the white skins of their bark. I hope everyone has a blessed day!