The Loudest Shout!

The Loudest Shout!

The loudest shout ever heard
Around the world
In desperate need of a cure
For its illness
A bloodied, beaten Savior
On a cross
Trying to restore God’s favor
To His humanity so lost

It was God’s shout
Of His intense wrath
Against our sin was it about
to gather us back
from down a forbidden path
of our indolent selfishness

So listen to that shout
From a cross now heard
It was His final proof
To deface all doubts
Meant to instill a deeper faith
More holy, more devout
In His loving grace
Shown deeply through the
Beautiful yet human face
Of His Precious Only Child!

Do not deny it
By not listening
Of our spirits
We need a quickening
A re-positioning
To stand up 
& listen
& no longer condone
The darkness of
Our own restless sin



Why do we not see
Is it we cannot
Or do not want to be

Faithful, submissive
To someone greater
Than the I of me?

Hardening of the heart
To the idea of such a God
To all of life gives
Only a very false start

Saying I don’t 
Want to see
Does not change
Our Reality 

Open your inner eyes
On just the physical
Do not rely
Do not wear 
As a disguise

For refusal
A lack of perusal
Into the gracious beauty
Of Our Father/Creator!

gods of earth

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gods of earth

Caught up in the here & now
To earthly gods we tend to lean & bow
Comfort, convenience, luxury,
All of these we lust after

Let’s turn away
No longer to be fools
Controlled by useless satan’s tools
& their ever growing deceit

So, turn away
From those fragile gods of glass
As easily 
Will God’s truth shatter
The shining illusions
Coming close
Will His breath scatter
Robbing them of their fraudulent

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Life is revolving
Circumstances Shifting, 
Always evolving
Which is okay
God did not mean for
Us to stay
Forever static

But what are we
To become?
Is there an answer 
To that as I run
My life’s race?
Just around what does 
My life revolve?

All existence
Revolves around
God the Son,
God the Father
God the Holy Spirit
Holding all of life
Every living thing
In their hands

Stars spin, 
Lives end & begin
Planets die off
All in tune to 
A universal melody
An eternal song
Chiming out the purity
Infinity’s bright light
In God’s love

So, join in the dance
Let Him also entrance
Your heart
Join the mighty crowds
That have been endowed
With His Grace, Mercy
Let your life revolve
Around His!

Culture, Culture

Culture, Culture

Culture, culture
Ringing in my ear
It’s sometimes on a day
All I can hear
Floating through the air
On radio waves
Forcing into my mind
Everything it intends to say

TV, movies, books even
It intrudes its way in
Trying to please
The lower side of me
But by grace, I have been allowed to see
Vanity, vanity, all its vanity

So I shake my head
Loosen its hold
Coiled around my mind
Step out of the endless line
Of those being controlled 
Selling out their very souls
To a world in love
With only its Self

Instead loosen that self 
To fall in love with
Someone else
A greater God awaits
Holding out hands
To raise you up, to abate
All the noise of a lost,
Sad, desperate world

To rejoin you to himself
He paid in His own Blood!
So do not let the noisy flood
Of a lost culture
Destroy your Joy-filled Hope
Of an eternal paradise insured
Thru faith in our Christ’s cross!!