Plain & Simple

Plain & Simple

Plain & simple
Words on a page
Without faith in 
That red blood of Christ
All condemned to
a darkened hell
No great mystery
This is the truth
For any to understand, to tell

From a book of truth
God warns
At times
Even at us storms
Using examples from
The world’s past
Trying to convince us
Before like a stone
We could be thrown
Into that dark hole

Greater forces
Gather gentlest voices
Trying to win, cajole
Our Savior, Christ,
God, our Creator/Father
Holy Spirit urging
From words in His sacred scroll
Loving, to also console
For His greatest goal
Is to win back each soul
Intact, in whole
Back into His Loving Arms!



Glory shattered on a tree
But only temporarily
Lifted upward into an azure sky
Why oh why does this always
Give me the urge to endlessly cry?

It was perfect love on display
Selflessly giving itself away
And for us fallen creatures
His creation’s men
Did it only so a pain-free home
One day we would be allowed to win

Jesus dying in a horrible agony
Lifting His face to His Father’s Heaven
And seeing into this earth’s future
Thought of only you and me
With that last beat of His Loving Heart
Creating for us a higher, purer destiny!

This Day!

This Day

This day is
The culmination
Of all of man's history
A day so blistering
It stands out as no other

The day when our 
One & Only God
Died for us
Took our place
On that cruel cross

His perfection
His perfectly pure blood
Covered our impurity
Marking that day
Most assuredly
The most important day
(For us)
Since our creation
The one that provided satiation
For all our sin's dark deviations



A world in chaos
Precious souls torn 
To pieces
satin's influence without 
Where is safety?
Only in One Name

Comfort, comfort
My people
You have said before
Today we could not need
You any more
Come, Lord God,

This Easter weekend
We celebrate your death, 
Burial & glorious resurrection
To save me from
My imperfections
And our great fall,
Our horrible defection
Away from Your Grace

So thank you
Lord God
For the precious blood
That was shed
Running brightly red
On that one & only day
That brought to us
Through a cruel cross
Your Solace!

All This Stuff – Why??

All this Stuff – Why?

do we do all this stuff?
Make all this stuff?
Houses, skyscrapers
Cars, planes, trains
Companies, Corporations
On & on our list goes
All done without once asking
If all our multi-tasking
Fits into any of God's plans

We stepped away
From You so madly
To run so many things
So badly
Now corruption seems
Commonplace so sadly

With all these wars,
Of deaths multiple scores
Each & every day
Men, women, children
Why do we not listen 
To ancient words 
So well-written
Of God's forever vision
For all of our lives
As down here
We spend the shortest of times

It all seems such a puzzle
If to His voice
We would just listen
And the heart's 
Best impulses not muzzle
Imagine a world 
Full of such wonders
No foot would ever stumble
Into a dark pain ever again
& His loving, wonderful presence
We would forever win!!

I’m Sorry

I’m Sorry

I'm sorry for what
We did to you
Holy Christ
But still we do it
Somehow in our crazy
Insane rush to sin
We crucify you over &
Over again

We ignore you
Rejecting that inner plea
To adore you
From that ignorant stance
Within only one
Darkened evil glance
We completely deny
You exist
Becoming what
Is called atheist

Oh, Dearest Son of God
When will we banish
For good such thoughts!
One day you've promised
To return
To gather to yourself
Those who've spurned
A devil's temptation 
To deny your royalty
Through their attempts 
To express their loyalty
As back into your arms
And heart eternally
will they all be
Gathered most joyfully!