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 Scraping the sky
 Virtually canyon
 Of concrete, steel
 Glass, stone
 I look up to feel
 Microscopic beside
 Cold, impersonal
 Where is the soul
 Not within a shard
 Of them
 We have lost our 
 Giving sway
 To concrete
 Looking into the sky
 I cannot help but
 This world, culture
 Has denied
 The one who made
 Loves us, cares for
 A holy, magnificent
 So we would not 
 be lost
 Daily, over our heads
 He pleads, begs
 Me, I, you & you
 & you
 But our hearts
 Lay hardened
 The One who
 Loves the most
 Father, Son &
 Holy Ghost
 Our souls lay hard, buried
 Within, beneath the concrete

Before Time

Before Time



Deep, impenetrable


Infinity of emptiness


At the foot of one throne

was endless festivity

Powerful creatures

Danced in jocularity

Perpetual light,

Emanating from only

One source

God Himself

His Life, His Grace

They danced in

Perfect joy

Father, Son, Spirit

Moved as one

Vapor trails of life

Followed each step

Man was not seen

Uncreated yet

Did He carry us

In His bosom

Unborn but not unloved?

How long did it take

His plan for a new world

To make

Split seconds or

Half of all eternity?

We will never know

This He’s never shown

Time really can stand still

Within Heaven’s gates

Thus He started a new story

It was perfection’s glory

A totally new creature

Never before seen

This, His man

New world, new animals

All formed

To live in peace, harmony

On a glowing orb

Of green and blue

Never will we know

I was not there to watch

His show

As God delicately spun

From nothing

A perfect world

The Living

A Living One

You pass me by

Stopping, coming


Than expected

Your beauty on display

You feel like

Living electricity

The tingle filling the air

Around your face

And being

You glisten, shining,

You literally sparkle

With yourself

This living Power

You are surrounds

The air around you

And I bow to worship

My God

Creator, Maker

Lover of all souls!

Birds, suns

The stars rejoice in

Your Presence

You are our Life!

Your Universe is awash

In your glowing powerful

Life, Self

With every heartbeat, breath

May I praise Your Name

In the foreverness of your kingdom!

Quiet Whispers — except from novel WHEN HEAVEN SIGHS

Samual’s father leaned over and picked up a piece of paper off his desktop. “I see you’re still writing that poetry stuff. What does this one say?”

“Dad, leave it. I know you thought it was a waste of my time so—”

“Son, just because I didn’t understand your need doesn’t mean it was not important.” His dad stopped and started reading out loud.

Quiet Whispers

In the stillness of the night

Your quiet whispers roar,

In my heart the sorrows break

Then fall softly to the floor.

Each pristine shining needle

Feather floats to a dusty earth

Leaving room at last within

For pure joy and your immeasurable worth.

The bright glory of your face

Outshines all suns by far

blowing, your living breath crosses

 desert skies to light each and every star.

Cleansing, blowing, refreshing

Reaching across an unending universe

Moving down from highest heaven

destroying forever

man’s darkest, ancient curse.

“This is pretty good. You need to keep this up.”

Samual could not help but smile. “Only pretty good? Dad, you didn’t insist on coming to see me to read my poetry. So, what gives?”

The Self




Self is an illusion

Selfishness a greater tragedy

I am an extension,

Imprinted with and by

Someone Else.


Created in another’s image

Given some of His attributes

Living in His pleasure

I reach out my hand

And return to the one

I came from.


Death is a release

from my separation

From my Creator/God

This, my Yahweh.