Not Even in A Blender


 Not Even in A Blender
 Blades whir,
 Solids dissolve
 Large chunks puree
 Into a goo
 Blenders good
 For many things
 In our kitchens
 They do bring
 From many foods 
 Convergence into one
 Unfortunately, in life
 Things are not always so
 Some things cannot,
 Should not mix
 For the welfare of our souls
 The dark and the light
 Will never mix
 Nothing that a blender 
 was ever meant to fix
 Never meant to be
 As oil is to water
 Separate from the
 God’s light will
 Not ever allow
 satan’s dark to stop
 His shining!
 So do not fear
 Shed not too many tears
 There is the one that
 Took our place
 Opened Heaven’s
 Pearly gates
 Christ paved the way
 Saved all our days
 From the whirling,
 swirling blades,
 that chaos of the darkness.

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