My Existence

 My heart beats
 My lungs breathe
 I can laugh,
 Savor the day
 I exist
 My thoughts are 
 My own
 In my head 
 They have found
 A home
 Within to rest
 Put me to the test
 Will I or won’t I
 Do this or that
 I can hear these,
 My thoughts
 For you see
 This is the real
 You and me
 A living breathing
 Spirit, soul
 Only temporarily,
 For now
 Attached to this
 mortal shell
 Given a chance
 to grow
 Get to know
 The One who runs
 The universe
 And beyond,
 With His Son
 For one day He 
 Has promised 
 He will come
 This living,
 breathing Son
 Shining in all His splendor
 This wonderful Giver
 Of our Life
 This gift of
 Our Existence!

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