In the Beginning – Chronicle II

In the beginning Alcohol Ink & digital
 In the Beginning
 Chronicle II
 A loud voice boomed
 “What is that I hear”
 Trembling on a marble step
 Leading to the throne
 A loyal angel replied
 Almost with a groan, 
 “It is not good news I fear
 Your Grace.”
 “Tell me.”
 The answer came, “We have 
 A problem,
 A never seen before rebellion.
 Coming from your favored one,
 The leader of all angels.”
 “Leave me. I will discuss this
 With my Son.”
 So, in heaven it was decided
 This would not be abided
 Creation does not tell its 
 Creator how to create or lead.
 For the very first time
 In all of infinity
 Expulsion from this place
 Was decided by
 The Holy Trinity
 satan would have to be
 removed from the presence
 of God’s face.
 But he did not go quietly
 The battle for God’s throne
 Was waged with ferocity
 As they refused God to still praise
 Swords were raised
 And some were slain
 By flinging them into 
 Dark dungeons
 This once bright
 Glorious angel,
 Their leader, now was dark
 God’s love, light 
 Mercy & grace
 Had flown from his heart
 Empty was he now 
 Filled only with an all-consuming
 Lust for God’s crown
 So, in sorrow, 
 God had to retaliate
 satan was flung out
 Of heaven’s gates
 Thrown to earth to roam
 Forever more alone
 Never to enter again
 His once heavenly home
 As for his followers
 They are held in a kind
 Of hell
 In dark prisons 
 They are chained
 Awaiting that great day
 Of the Lord
 When all will be judged
 Who have rebelled
 Against God’s name
 It is so sad, it is a shame
 That their rightful place
 In glory
 They never will be able
 To reclaim.

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