Plagiarizing God

Plagiarizing God
(good or bad?)

Plagiarizing may be
Either good or bad
To copy or imitate
Often is a form 
of highest praise
Means someone sees you
Toward you turns their gaze

Sadly, however, often times
For authority, ownership 
Plagiarizers only come to steal
From the original, what is the real
Of identity, things or power

When we, as man, think or say
We carry the highest dominion
In a vast, still unknown universe
Is not that plagiarizing
Passing ourselves off as 
Someone we are not?
Do we think from the authentic,
Only GOD that is real
We can really steal
His divinity, sovereignty over us?

We tried that in a garden
It did not work
Never will
Even today we try to shirk 
Shun the destructive pain
We have caused 
By trying to deny, steal
God’s power, His Holy Name

We are not our own gods
A universe, this planet 
Even our own bodies
None of this did we create
Nor can we control it
That claim to fame
On our heads
Will never fit

So if you must plagiarize God
Do it the right way
It is okay to copy Him
By letting go of yourself
Over your soul let Him win
Let Him stamp His own image
And pay the right kind of homage
To a stupendous, living, breathing
Magnificent & loving King!

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