Will You?

Will You?

The pain increases
Oh what if it never ceases?
What will I do then
What can bring it to an end?

Where is that God
That said he wants to heal
Now as from this incessant pain
I kneel
Where is my helper now?

Slowly a light starts within
My chest
A knowledge evolves
As I try to resolve this test
Will you still love me? 

What kind of question is that?
I turn from it and pray
Again inside my head 
Those words have another say
Will you still love me?

If your circumstances 
I do not change today
Do not give you 
Exactly your way
Will you still love me?

I seek only those worthy
Of my higher calling
For an enemy’s lies 
Do not be falling
Following me will not 
Always be easy

Before your eyes
I will not always be pleasing
Your world now is lost
To save it I paid a terrible cost
Now will you be willing 
To suffer a loss
To follow me?


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