For Teachers of Today

Teachers of Today!

Teachers of today,
Do not water down
His message of fire
Do not humanize
Eternity’s Glory!

Do not give me only 
Human words
What a man’s spirit tells
You to say
While it is my TODAY
Give me the Living Truth

Before we forsook
Our unique purposes
Before we rejected,
Cast off His loving hand
Return me to God’s
Original plan!

Do not succumb to pressures
My itching ears to please
Do not merely tease
With only half-truths
Give me the full & total story
Of all Christ’s glory
Even if my heart hurts 
As His words I hear

Only then will it be 
Perfectly crystalline clear
Only then will I from
The darkness be saved
Allowed in joy to enter 
Into the fiery power 
of His glorious New Day!

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