Twisted Beauty

Twisted Beauty

Long and lithe
In your sensuality
Yet some would only see
A twisted beauty

Gnarled, darkened in spots
Your limbs still dance at
Water’s edge
Yet still of a life to tell
Do you quietly beg 
Even though not nearly as bright 
as those rainbow’s lights 
Cascading upon a watery top

Once you were the same
As any other
Green, alive, strong
For those days perchance
do you still reminisce & long?
But I say with all sincerity
I find your beauty refreshing

It reminds us that life is life
No matter its age
Or regardless of the stage
Within which it is found
God’s love & care perhaps
May yet best be seen or found
Enwrapped around those
Who all their long life
Have best fulfilled the purposes
of His grace, beauty & His light!

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