A Worldwide Disease

Photo by Dmitrii Fursov on Pexels.com
Photo by Vera Arsic on Pexels.com
A Worldwide Disease

A disease is widespread
Walks around 
Sleeps in everyone’s bed
Invades each home, heart
& every head

Does not come from without
Originates from the within of us
Does not travel on any windy gusts
Or any stormy breeze

It comes from our refusal to
Bend the knee
To a wonderful, sovereign God
To worship only ourselves, 
The Me

Me can destroy other lives
That I of I
Inside each human heart
It struggles & resides

To have its say
Its own complete way
Over everything
Its indulgent siren’s song
It loudly sings

Causes wars, murders, theft
Of all true affection, kindness
It is most assuredly bereft
By it, love is truly an orphan left

We could have a brighter world
Where only purest, perfection’s love 
Could dwell
& on wings, joy’s songs would certainly swell
If we could kill off that worldwide disease

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