The Lost & Found

Lost & Found

Once there was a TV show
With the title of
It was only make-believe, fantasy
Sadly today it is for many
Their reality

Just look around
In every, village home & town
They are everywhere
It does not take a very
Long or difficult stare
To find them

For them God’s heart aches
You might say it even breaks
So if we are to do, fulfill
His most passionate 
& good,& holy will
To them we must go

He does not want them
To live as in that show
Always lost and seeking
God desires greatly to be Found
To put everyone back standing
Upright on His Most Holy Ground

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Heaven –not a Location

Heaven – Not a Location
(A Someone)

Written in holy lines
Inside an ancient guide
Are words that tell,
Almost sigh
Of another place

For all who follow Christ
We are most assuredly promised
Of this certain reward

For after death
All will exist on a different
To our carnal senses, I know,
It seems most
But it is genuine

However, consider
If not for the presence of
Our Creator/Lord
Heaven would be just
Another place of pain, struggle
Not as is written, 
Our great Reward

To me, heaven is not
A location
Is the kingdom of heaven
The pearl of great value
So when Christ said
The kingdom of heaven is
At hand or
In your midst
He meant: ‘Here I AM
Heaven walking among you’!!


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Book Review – A Displaced Beauty by Amy Walsh

I got to enjoy giving another review for a book. This one was for Amy Walsh’s book, A MISPLACED BEAUTY. It is a great book for anyone who loves period romances. It takes place in Victorian England, and the author manages to leave you with a good feel for what life was like for the upper class young women of that era. Georgina, the main protagonist, is a young woman living in Victorian London and enjoying the debutante season there. Struggling against her own poor choices and the expectations of her family and the society she lives in, she tries to find marital happiness for herself. What made the book more interesting is that the story is based on the actual diary of a young woman found during the restoration of one of the homes from that time period. The book has a strong Christian theme, and I enjoyed the chapters which brought in two famous ministers from that day, Dwight Moody and Charles Spurgeon. Overall, a clean romance and interesting read. The book is available on