Three Great Lies

Three Great Lies

Three great lies pervade the air
Most of these people to hear do not care
So to be honest, of these three
If you will forgive,
I will try, dare to share

An enemy, that satan, first will tell you
Each, every & of us, all,
(He’s been struggling to push this
Since in a garden we had our great fall)
It is,
There is no god, he does not exist

The second one does not bring so much bliss
It is
God does not love you even if He does exist
This is one which we must fully resist
If God does not love, then why the cross
Where for Him & an Eternal Son,
Was such an extreme & blood-filled cost?

And last but most certainly not the least
God is not all-powerful, not in full control
For millennia this lie has unequivocally been sold
& told to a dark & dying world
Man is just as smart & able his own destiny
To control

Such things get determinedly pushed
More today than I’ve ever seen
In this chaotic world’s quest to reach
For whatever in one heartbeat
At any particular moment is deemed
For us to be pleasant

The truth?, 
We are not our own god
Never have been, never will we be
Truth stands knocking
If you will dare to see
The Eternal, All-Powerful Truth,
God holds within His Loving Hand
Ready & willing to be received
(If you choose)
By each woman, child or man!!

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