Roaring of the Seas

Roaring of The Seas

This was never meant to be
This raging, crashing roaring of the sea
Foaming waves of so much disharmony
Meant were we herein to forever see
Only the calming ripples of the gentlest of peace

As it seems to inevitably come thru man
A rankling, stirring of our calm waters occurred
By a troubled, darkened wind were they stirred
At once, a rising discord by all was heard
& our peace to that moving storm did fall, defer

One day almost unannounced a calming hand
Reached down into all the chaos so unplanned
A Christ, Messiah, Lord, Son of Man
Came to walk upon our troubled shores
To break the back of that satan’s discord

With only one finger calmly did He come to restore
His original peace by His blood was freely outpoured
And returned to us was the complete & holy cord
Of our God’s Love
Forever restored
The stilled waters to the course of each eternal soul!

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