Light gathers in the air
Around you
Nothing left untouched

Bringing Life
Glorious, Bright
Destroying strife
Filling with your Peace
Come, Lord Jesus, Come

Come God’s Only Son!
I look toward your skies
I try
Then sigh
Alone I cannot transform
This earth’s constant 

Only you can 
Change today
So, I will say
Take me,
Break me,
Leave me yours alone!

Never Alone

Never Alone

As the world rolls on
And we struggle forward
Living & dying
Will He really come?

Of course, He will
And does
We are Never Alone
Christ lives
& continues to give
Every breath
Every heartbeat

Brings new life
New sight
To darkened eyes
Reddened as we cry
But still living to

So let Him enfold
Your heart
In His arms
The warmest of
As you must face
A lost world
So in His arms
You may taste
Eternity’s Love!

Never will I leave you! Never will I forsake you! Hebrews 13:5

For Teachers of Today

Teachers of Today!

Teachers of today,
Do not water down
His message of fire
Do not humanize
Eternity’s Glory!

Do not give me only 
Human words
What a man’s spirit tells
You to say
While it is my TODAY
Give me the Living Truth

Before we forsook
Our unique purposes
Before we rejected,
Cast off His loving hand
Return me to God’s
Original plan!

Do not succumb to pressures
My itching ears to please
Do not merely tease
With only half-truths
Give me the full & total story
Of all Christ’s glory
Even if my heart hurts 
As His words I hear

Only then will it be 
Perfectly crystalline clear
Only then will I from
The darkness be saved
Allowed in joy to enter 
Into the fiery power 
of His glorious New Day!


KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera

I turn & look 
Power floats
Moves in the air
Shall I believe
Do I dare?

Around, at my sides
Are you, have you 
Truly imbibed
His Glory, Power
You seem like
A fortress, tower
Of His perfection

You have been sent
His messenger
This I know
For it has been shown
In all you do
For you truly chose
To show obedience
In all your ways

So there you are
His angels,
His Messengers, 
To show once again
His overwhelming love
Protection, power
That He chooses to shower
Over all the earth!


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He Will Honor Your Choice

He Will Honor Your Choice

In life we are all
Faced with choices
Good or bad
There are at all times
many voices
Whispering some
Others screaming
For your attention

With the great gift
Of free will
We are allowed to choose
But for a moment 
Be still
About what you choose
What you accept or refuse

God holds out Himself
& eternal pleasures at
His right hand
Never ever will He force
On any man

He wants to be chosen
Desires your love
& love is a choice
So never will He force
Himself on you
So if Him & His love
Are what you refuse
He will honor that choice too

He desires your company
But He will let you go
If you turn your head
And tell him to return
He will honor that choice

But He is the Lord & Master
Owner, Ruler of this world
And the heavens
So if it is what you choose
He will put you away 
From Himself
Give you eternity, infinity
Of His absence

He will let you have the 
Outer darkness
Of weeping, wailing
Gnashing of teeth
Never to be ceased
Worms that never die
Fires never quenched
And a total void of love!



If a child is about 
To place a hand
In the fire
Will you not slap
It away
Talk to it
At least ‘No’
attempt to say

With those who ignore God
Isn’t it about the same
Ignoring the only name
That saves
From an even
Greater fire?

Of eternity’s loss
An even greater cost
Will be extracted
Than one burnt hand
They will spend infinity
In a far worse land
Desolate, dark, wretched
Bleak, gloomy
Colorless beyond all words

No second chances will 
Be given after death
None will be left
So shouldn’t there be
A greater sense of
Not just for ourselves

But for every human
On the face of this planet
Only this one chance at
Life is granted
We belong to God, Christ
By them we are owned
So let us never grow
Too Apathetic
So we will never have to moan
‘If only’