Do Not Be Unnerved

Do Not Let It Unnerve You

All around the voices of
Chaos loudly sing
Murder, mayhem, 
Destruction’s deadly wings
The bells of darkness 
Piercingly peal & ring
satan laughs as 
More & more peoples
To his magic flute’s songs
Dance & cling


Do not let it unnerve you
The world’s Lord, Creator
God, Yahweh is on his throne
Always in complete control
Even though we may not know
Understand, see all His ways
Same promises still stand
For each woman, child & man

Stay loyal, stay faithful
The I AM is returning 
Sooner than before
Condemned will be
The darkness’s filth
This is My Holy Will
Cruelty, all, will be laid to rest
Hold on tight, do not regress

So, do not let it unnerve you
Trust in these, My Holy Words 
For all of life, do they sound true 
Your reward is on its way
Earth will see its better days
My world will be re-created
Man’s pain totally abated
Cleansed of old ways, death, sin
Earth’s future greatest rewards 
Most assuredly will you win!!

Stool of Do Nothing

Stools of Do Nothing

In this country, USofA,
Not all,
But many
Who claim
To carry 
Christ’s name
Do Nothing

We enjoy our 
As we stroll,
In our prosperity
As glaringly
Evil grows, rises

We have not stood against
satan’s darkness
He stands in jest
Of our spiritual weakness
As all around we see
Our culture deteriorates

It is time to 
Gird our loins
As of old
As the ancient 
Book has told
Dress ourselves
In God’s Protective Armor
For the battle 
Does rage
Each & every day

If suffer we must
To carry Christ’s name
Then suffer we should
To protect all that is good
All good things flow
From the Father
Of the heavenly lights
It is times for Christ’s
American church to
Join in the fight!!

Not all Angels Play the Harp!

Not All Angels Play The Harp

Standing tall, 
You soar
nobility on display
I, in my feeble clay,
To be as loyal as you

Fierce, strong
Following your leader
Into battle
Wherever He leads
There is an enemy 
To vanquish
Be made to bleed
Many are there to save

So onward the battle rages
Swords, blades glistening
Flash in the light
As your strong arms raise
A new trail is blazed
to lead humanity back home

Souls to be saved
Nations to be raised
To live on higher levels
To defeat demons, a devil
Hell-bent on man’s destruction

So forget the peaceful harps
Those white fleecy clouds
Today, the battle sounds
Beneath Christ’s golden crown
And mightily you fight on!



Light gathers in the air
Around you
Nothing left untouched

Bringing Life
Glorious, Bright
Destroying strife
Filling with your Peace
Come, Lord Jesus, Come

Come God’s Only Son!
I look toward your skies
I try
Then sigh
Alone I cannot transform
This earth’s constant 

Only you can 
Change today
So, I will say
Take me,
Break me,
Leave me yours alone!

Never Alone

Never Alone

As the world rolls on
And we struggle forward
Living & dying
Will He really come?

Of course, He will
And does
We are Never Alone
Christ lives
& continues to give
Every breath
Every heartbeat

Brings new life
New sight
To darkened eyes
Reddened as we cry
But still living to

So let Him enfold
Your heart
In His arms
The warmest of
As you must face
A lost world
So in His arms
You may taste
Eternity’s Love!

Never will I leave you! Never will I forsake you! Hebrews 13:5