Thank You!

Thank You!

Thank You,
Dear Lord,
For allowing me an orphan to be
From birth
Never quite feeling I fit in
On this green earth
So the stairways,
Those steps to heaven,
My eternal soul could win!

What an enemy purposed 
For evil
You turned into a blessing
But it did not come without
A great testing

Your Son fought ahead of me
Clearing a path so I could see
The gate of heaven of me just ahead
Just as the words spoken in your Book
Most clearly & succinctly had said!

Praise You Lord, God, King Jesus & Holy Spirit!!




Living Electricity,
Are you made only
Energy and light?

If I stretched out a hand
Would the energy of you
Burn my flesh
if I dared
the impossible

Joining, touching the Spirit of the Living God?

Expression of His Glory,
Were you made
Just because He could not
Stop His living breath,
The Life within himself

From creating you?

If He is absolute and a perfect
And if Love is about giving
To someone else, not in taking

More loving, powerful
Does He become
In creating even more
To love?

Love produces only more
It cannot stop itself,
Cannot go against its own nature.

We all, angel and human
move and breathe
This expression of Himself
His self-giving Love.