On Speed

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On Speed

Crash, crash
Thud, thud 
Lives speed-ed up
Whirling around
A distracting hub
Of meaningless behavior

Don’t think for yourself
How dare you!
Especially about a spirit?
Ignore, ignore
The impertinent chore
Of believing in 
A Savior!

Believe every word they say
To guide both night & day
Allow that talk show host
Over you to hold complete sway!
Until he fails to break
The enlightened spell
& you at last awake
Yourself to embrace
In your Lord/Creator
A cleaner, purer faith!


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Consumer-ism here
Consumer-ism there
Consumer-ism everywhere
It travels by land,
Travels by sea,
Flies through the air!

Consume it preaches
Consume it teaches
With long taloned 
Fingers it reaches
To hold, enfold
Everyone, us all 
Until the last remnant 
Finally is sold

Taught by all advertisers
Those oh so clever despisers
Of thrift, economy
The idea that you do not
Have to own each 
& every thing you see!

And so this culture rolls on
Grinding out the same old song
We continue to follow, 
Dance to their mesmerizing 
But false, lying tunes,

That large volumes of things
Bring us true joy
Only more and more toys
Will satisfy
But still life hurts, disappoints
And we softly cry
Knowing somewhere inside
Something is wrong

What if,
Instead of all the preaching
Of material wealth
(it is a form of belief)
We as a people began to teach
Not to be good consumers
Of mere physical things
But let our voices ring, sing
good sellers, tellers of
Jesus of Nazareth

The Living Christ
I will say it twice, even thrice
God is the center of your being
Only in HIM is life, true seeing
Of love, joy, deepest peace
It is of HIM we should happily teach
And only, only of HIM consume!!

The Screen

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 The Screen
 The screen
 That presence
 So widely seen
 In our homes
 Carried in
 Our hands
 In every land
 Or desktop
 Servers galore
 In their memories
 They can store
 And they do
 Spit out
 Whatever gets
 Put into them
 By us
 Coming thru
 Our hands
 The minds &
 Hearts of man
 That screen
 That influence
 I have seen
 Thick or lean
 Large or small
 Speaks & calls
 To us all
  Thru the light
 Of that flickering
 Images of good
 Images of bad
 Calling our names
 Playing their games
 With everyone
 Angels & demons
 Portrayed in fantastical
 It’s really so sad
 Because both do exist
 In the midst
 Of the lives of man
 So be careful what 
 You allow 
 To be fed into
 Your mind
 Look for truth
 & learn
 to wisely turn
 from that
 Invasive Screen!



Everywhere we go today we cannot get away from the media hype(even in my gym) which surrounds us on all sides, slicing soundlessly through the air unseen. Please be careful what you expose yourself and your children to. Here’s a poem I could not stop myself from writing.


Senseless Speech,
Buss, whir,
Chew out words.
Out in weightless air
Dead words drop lifeless
to cold, hard ground.

Careful, careful
Do not listen.
Everything is not good
In senseless speech.
Hide, do not cause your
pale ears to bleed!

Media, hype, lustful
For all money.
Beware the wrathful
Fierce fingers that search,
Dig deeply into pockets
Thinly stretched.

Guard your mind,
Here it comes.
Sensation seekers,
Senseless speech
Gets spoken to
Keep fat paychecks.

Everywhere we turn
On display on screens
Small and large.
Beware the fools, charlatans
Of senseless speech,
Guard, protect yourselves &
Run, cover the little ones.