VICTORY! (encounters)


The first a black blob
Laying on my chest
Interrupting my night’s rest
Slight fear arose
But these words I chose
In the name of Jesus of Nazareth
Be gone!
Before the next heartbeat
It disappeared

The second sat on a throne of glory
(attempting to imitate the Lord of Lights)
I sensed something was not right
Yet by him was I fooled
A finger touched my lips
As I drew too near
Next day was I sick
Should’ve listened to the fear

The third resembled a child
Again lying on my chest
In form appearing fairly mild
But when it smiled (more of a grimace)
Pointed razors had it for teeth

Words proceeded from its mouth
Susie, what are you trying with this book
I needed not another single look
In the name of Jesus of Nazareth,
Be gone!
It disappeared
Lost in its own fear

The last (but not the least)
Resembled a grown man
(I was prepared though slightly scared)
Speaking again did I begin
In the name of Jesus of Nazareth
Be gone!

This one, however, did not run
Spoke these words
Oh, no, it doesn’t work like that
Replying I yelled
Oh yes it does
In the name of Jesus of Nazareth
Be gone!
It disappeared.

Forms of only black
Shades of grey, no color
Seeking to incite my terrors, fear
The demons reeking, smelling
Of darkness, violent destruction
This I wish to make absolutely clear

Unpleasant creatures were they
Yet please listen, stay,
They have not the last word
All power belongs to the Lord above
Christ conquered all such creatures
(satan even)
On a bloodied cross
Destroyed all of evil’s loss
As He at last died
& in His final sigh
Won forever your VICTORY!!

Saturday Devotional & Testimonial





It felt like I was born into hell, no mother, no father, no home, family, no love. I was tossed about like a piece of unwanted human garbage. I was an orphan from birth. I was traumatized and damaged by all of it. I had the hot breath of Satan in my face from birth. I later was adopted into a home where I never quite felt really loved or wanted or felt I really fit in.

Unfortunately, neither parent know how to deal with a damaged child. One of them didn’t really want a child, and the other had good intentions but lacked the skills to carry them out because of her own background. It was like being in a classroom without a good teacher and left me semi-suicidal at the age of 17.

Fortunately for me, God stepped in. I had always even as a young child been able to sense a presence with me. I later learned about a loving Heavenly Father and loving Savior, Jesus of Nazareth with his powerful Holy Spirit.

Today in all of your problems in life and pain, won’t you let Christ into your life. He loved you enough to let Himself be tortured to death on a cruel, horrible Roman cross. He does love you and wants to help you with everything in your life. Praise God!!