Your New Beginning

Your New Beginning

On a cross
At the time of
Heaven’s greatest loss
Hung the world’s creator
As His own creation 
Destroyed His physical life
All heaven held its
Breath & waited
Watched as hell & satan’s
Power fell, was abated

Telling one so new to faith,
Today, you will be with 
Me in paradise!
Angels watching wept
His earthly mother cries
With ‘It is finished’ for
His last few words
His spirit left, hurled
Only an empty body curled,
Crushed from the pain
By human eyes still seen
Hanging on that wooden beam

But it was not His end
All death was spurned
New life for us He earned
With a resurrection so fresh
God’s answer to his death
For us ended with a YES
Thru our faithful lives,
As it was for His,
Your death will be your winning 
Of His newborn Paradise
Your total, complete & new beginning!

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