The Seer

The Seer

God wants you to be 
A Seer
The One who sees
His great beauty, love
For you
With this he wishes
To imbue

To see, know
His only Son
His Holy Spirit
For you this is
His most precious gift
He desires to bestow
Upon every head

Seers see things 
Others cannot
Or do not wish to see
Do not let them stop
Your desire, ability
To understand, perceive
Let all as seers drop 
To our knees

From there we will be able
To appreciate the best
This world has to offer
Be given glances, looks
Into the overflowing coffers
Of God’s riches

It is His deepest wish
To share Himself
His nearness
With all of us
Along with 
Christ’s own sweet dearness

So when Christ 
Physically returns
A new, recreated earth
A recreated people
Will be yours
If for that you have yearned
And for now you choose
To be the one who grasps,
Understands, realizes, envisions 
To be that Seer!

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