To Deny

To Deny

Why do we reject,
The One who loves us
The Most
The Only One in whom
We can truly boast

His beauty, fidelity
Love, forgiveness
The only One with 
The Power to truly

Why does not the whole world
Go climbing over each other
To go running after Him
He only wants to let you win
His Paradise

Lift us out of the
Primordial mud
We seem to ignorantly
Enjoy, desire
He stands pleading with
Open hands
To raise us higher

He only wants to recreate
Himself in us
Teach us how to truly love
Each other
Create anew the spirit
Of sister, brothers

So to each soul on the face
Of this planet
To each may it be 
Forever granted
A New World
New Life
New way of being
More Loving 

Gone forever would be 
of the old anger, hatred the last traces
So what is so terrible or horrible
About this new complete re-creation
That From Him we turn our faces?

He only wants us to love & respect Himself and each other!

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Let me be your temple,
Let me be your temple
Your dwelling place
Come fill the space
Inside my heart
That Mercy Seat,
Between cherubim wings
Meant just for you

Come let me live
In your presence
Bring your shekinah glory
Your very Essence
So I no longer feel
That lack,
That emptiness
Of the soul

Let your Spirit
So again I may
Of your Glory,
Your Power,
Majesty & 
Unending Love

Control me
Take me over
So it is no longer
I that liveth
But you that liveth
In me
Praise you God
For your Mercy!



There is only one
Owner of this world
Accident or chance
Alone did not hurl
Our planet home into

There is a someone
Who decided it to create
Not a natural process
Of chemicals
Life’s requirements 
Will ever satiate

A perfect balance
Was what a universe needs
To form, to cause to be
And there is only 
One Perfect Being alone
with that ability

Perfect power
Perfect sovereignty
Perfect in wisdom
Perfect in His Love
For us

Everything you see
Or touch
Belongs to Him
And Him alone
To live in conjunction
With Him was 
His forever goal

For all of His creation
On His mind was never
We were made to exist
With Him hand in hand
In perfect peace, harmony
This is His ultimate plan
United forever, God & man,
Giving of His perfection
The Two become One

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Leader (the One)


All around varieties of life
Are abundant
Diversities of even people
& not to be redundant
Diversities of ideas

Differences can be okay
But without orderliness
Structure of some kind
We put ourselves at risk
For chaos

Government, a leadership
Is needed
Organization always has
And will require
A leader

This earth is no different
Life has always been set up
To run this way
& to this very day
Good leadership is still craved

But we have always from the
Had an excellent, the best,
Perfect even,
A One, so winning
Glorious & Shining

A living, breathing God
Around whom all 
Diversities of life revolve
There could be no better
Than this One 
In harmony together
With Spirit & Son
But we rebelled
As the ancients tell
So now you have a choice
To follow the light,
Or alone & 
On our own
We can continue to follow
The mad disorder
Chaos & confusion
Its dark rebellion,
As without HIM
We get swallowed up
& blindly lead
To our own destruction

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Only 1/3 or 1/2

Only 1/3 or 1/2
(one-third or one-half?)

When in cooking 
Is not used a whole ingredient
End products most likely
Become only incomplete
Never of your original intent 

It will look or taste bad
Or fall apart
You will have failed
Before you even start

God’s intention was
For us to give our whole self
Our Whole Heart
So to us His full, total, complete
Beauty, Glory He could impart!

To experience joy unlike
Any other
In love we would all be
Able to live 
As sisters & brothers

But if you hold back
Do not give your full self
That slice, piece to God you refuse
You are only giving satan a foothold
That fragment he will be
most certainly to use!

And you will miss
The incredible, unending gift
God wants to give 
Does not want you to live
Empty, guessing

So, unless you give one-hundred percent
You cannot receive the full blessing 
You will lose the completeness  
That which you were meant to possess
Of His Eternal, Forever Gift
Of that, any part do you want to lose?

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Like A Sore Thumb

Like A Sore Thumb

Let me say to begin
Never were we meant
To fit in
Our most gracious leader
Was despised
Then & now by a world that denies
His existence!

In pain He tried to lead
And with loving words
Our souls will feed
But on us Heaven will make
Some demands
If you love me, you will obey
My commands
He tells us

Christ’s church, family, 
Is meant to be
And is to be seen
As different from the world so lost
We are to follow His example
For our lives no matter what it costs

So we are to walk, talk, 
Eat, sleep, even smell
Different from a world
Which only can tell
Of satan’s acidic corruption
That insidious, deceitful destruction
Of the human soul
Christ came to release us 
From all that demonic control!

So, live in it, but be not of it
We are to stick out as a sore thumb
So a generation thru you may come
To know the living Christ
To be the light, the salt
To receive His true call!

Shake off satan’s chains of darkness
Struggle, forge ahead, do your best
Reach for Christ
And thru His total bodily sacrifice
On a bloody Roman cross
Count all worldly gain a loss
And receive His Paradise!!

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