He Will Honor Your Choice

He Will Honor Your Choice

In life we are all
Faced with choices
Good or bad
There are at all times
many voices
Whispering some
Others screaming
For your attention

With the great gift
Of free will
We are allowed to choose
But for a moment 
Be still
About what you choose
What you accept or refuse

God holds out Himself
& eternal pleasures at
His right hand
Never ever will He force
On any man

He wants to be chosen
Desires your love
& love is a choice
So never will He force
Himself on you
So if Him & His love
Are what you refuse
He will honor that choice too

He desires your company
But He will let you go
If you turn your head
And tell him to return
He will honor that choice

But He is the Lord & Master
Owner, Ruler of this world
And the heavens
So if it is what you choose
He will put you away 
From Himself
Give you eternity, infinity
Of His absence

He will let you have the 
Outer darkness
Of weeping, wailing
Gnashing of teeth
Never to be ceased
Worms that never die
Fires never quenched
And a total void of love!

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