Do Not Worry, Do Not Fret

Do Not Fret, Do Not Worry

There is no need to worry
God is still upon His throne
Surrounded by His endless glory
Resolved still to bring us home
Despite satan’s same sad,
Old & darkened story

Full of lies, murder, deceit
satan loses
For in the end,
God always wins
There is no way 
To stop Him
So do not try
It will only leave your heart
With a very heavy sigh
Of loss

satan knows getting closer
Is his eternity of defeat
That is why his cruel fury
Even greater has he unleashed
Upon our sad & lonely world

But if today you chose
This Living, Christ
Then not one single day of
Your tomorrows will you lose
In God’s Glories-filled Paradise
By His Hands given endless Joys
In the infinity of His Blisses 
To receive His endless kisses!!

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