Between earth 
And sky
A Savior died

Not easily
But in agony
Sweat, blood
That bright red fluid
The only power
To unleash the flood
Of God's forgiveness

So the next time
You feel alone, lost
Just look up
To the man 
On the cross

By faith will
You be lifted up
To live in Him
Between His golden 
Gates you'll walk
And His eternal love 
Forever win!

Into The Out

Into the Out

Why do we try
To hold within
What was meant 
to be so out

Buildings were never 
Meant to contain
Words powerful
Enough to sustain
An entire planet

Do we really believe
A church's walls
Are the only place 
A person's soul 
Can feel the call
Of Christ

It can happen 
on the streets
It can happen
Where we eat
Even as we sleep

So, God's church
Get out do That work 
Heaven's great loss
Brought about on a cross
For us also to sacrifice
Others to save
Bring to them a better way
For our whole planet
See a completely new day!!

Ferociously Wonderful!

Ferociously Wonderful!

Ferociously wonderful
Brighter in every way
A million 
Or perhaps dare I say
A trillion 

God, you work
Your Spirit
To usurp
satan's evils

So on and on You go
Trying to grab, grasp
(Even ferociously if You have to)
Our attention
So evil will surrender
And in our hearts
Take its last dying gasp

In My Bones

In My Bones

In my bones
I know
I have another home
Another place
To live before a face
More beautiful
Than any other

It is man’s greatest hope
Comes most of the time
With an inner struggle
Seeming sometimes a great mystery
Or a somewhat confusing puzzle
Still God promises if we try
We are assured of the greatest prize
A home before His beauty

So lift up your eyes,
Your very souls
Make His will 
Your life’s greatest goal
And learn to let go
Of that raging inner self
It is not I that lives 
But Christ that lives in me!!



Many tears
Upon the earth do fall
Many voices raise
Laments, they call

God hears each word
Each whispered thought
Within His own heart’s walls
Are they forever caught

Does He do the same
For all our tears
As they release
All our pain, our fears

Does He gather
Each tear as it drops
Into His loving hands
Do they make their final stop?

Does He perhaps return
All tears back to His earth
From whence they came
So they new life may seek to reclaim
To water the plants 
For our souls do the same
If so,
it only goes to remarkably show
That even tears can make things grow!!

In My Ears The Lions Roar

In My Ears The Lions Roar

In my ears
The lions roar
Around us 
Every moment,
Every hour
Trying over us 
To exert
Their destroying power

One lion roars 
Then another
Loud, strong 
Around us pacing
Hot breath in our face
Watching, waiting

Until a gentle whisper
Taps upon your shoulder
Soft at first
Then growing bolder
Its blazing light
Reveals Christ's 
Full glory, Power, 
Controlling might

As soon as they sense
This Almighty Prince
That very second
One last defiant roar emitting
They cringe
They cower
In their lower station more befitting

So do not give in
To floods of tears
Those overwhelming fears
Over everything Christ wins
His armies He will send

To bring to you
A restful peace
As in His loving embrace
He will settle His sheep,
That Lions' Master,
In a restful, safer pasture!