If you will,
A group of people,
A church,
Not too far a stretch
Calmed into a sleep
A lullaby
Of a distant world’s drums
Soft, at first,
Then suddenly
Exposing sharp teeth
Gouging out eyes
Seeking souls to blind

Demons everywhere
Pulling out the eyes
Unaware, blindly people will stare
How, oh, how will they awake
From what they believe to be
Only a blissful state?

What catastrophe will it take?
This lust for comfort’s sleep
How will it be slaked?
Perhaps only a great pain
God may have to use 
If from this dulled sleep
They do not rouse, 
& reach for eternity to gain

We will need help
Watchmen on the walls
Ring out in a strong voice
Sound out a great call
We need no further debates
To save one and all
Before it becomes indeed
For our country, this world,
Much, much too late!!

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