Dream Followers

Dream Followers

Was this all before it came to be
Only for God an idea, maybe a dream
Until He was actually fully able to see
His universe, our earth spinning
His green ball,
Pure, holy in the beginning
Seeing our first steps, first words
Before the lines between good & bad
By us were so badly blurred

I guess you could say
God followed His dream
Should today we say
Follow your own human dream
If we are created in His image
To us we hear that this must seem
A good thing, a right way
To try & live each day
Under our own imagination’s spell

But wait,
We are not our own god
By us was not created 
This universe
This earth we trod
We’re part of a creation 
Not the Creator
Let us not turn our lives
Into an even greater aberration,
Or abomination

Seek God’s dream for our lives
Thus, truly can we daily strive
And find
Truer joy, peace, contentment
To give us more of this
Was our Savior born & sent
To show us the truly greatest way
Over a lost world to hold full sway 
And more purely daily dream!

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