Came From

Came From

I came from 
& to you will return
Dear God
For your warmth-filled embrace
I deeply yearn

Your hallowed halls
I long to peruse
At the edge of your feet
Those power-filled, golden shoes
I tremble

Yet there, 
I find my most peaceful rest
& only at your behest
Am I allowed to rise
With expectant eyes
To see for myself
At last,
Your beauty’s-filled smiling sighs!

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Three Great Lies

Three Great Lies

Three great lies pervade the air
Most of these people to hear do not care
So to be honest, of these three
If you will forgive,
I will try, dare to share

An enemy, that satan, first will tell you
Each, every & of us, all,
(He’s been struggling to push this
Since in a garden we had our great fall)
It is,
There is no god, he does not exist

The second one does not bring so much bliss
It is
God does not love you even if He does exist
This is one which we must fully resist
If God does not love, then why the cross
Where for Him & an Eternal Son,
Was such an extreme & blood-filled cost?

And last but most certainly not the least
God is not all-powerful, not in full control
For millennia this lie has unequivocally been sold
& told to a dark & dying world
Man is just as smart & able his own destiny
To control

Such things get determinedly pushed
More today than I’ve ever seen
In this chaotic world’s quest to reach
For whatever in one heartbeat
At any particular moment is deemed
For us to be pleasant

The truth?, 
We are not our own god
Never have been, never will we be
Truth stands knocking
If you will dare to see
The Eternal, All-Powerful Truth,
God holds within His Loving Hand
Ready & willing to be received
(If you choose)
By each woman, child or man!!

In the Above

In The Above

In the above, those celestial skies
Surely, God must shake His head & sigh
‘Will they never learn’?
He watches as we all despise
His love’s most generous guidelines
But still I suppose
As only He most assuredly knows
& so forward & on He goes
Still trying our souls to win
Keep us from that damning sin
Of our total & defiant rebellion

Lucky for us,
Our God is not a quitter
We are the ones 
Who turn our backs & run
His wonderful perfect grace
Reflected in Beauty’s Love on His Face

Be different from the rest
Do not put God to the test
Stay, live to enjoy
Those Eternal Pleasures in store
Between Infinity’s Gates they await!



A pulling out of the body
Will come for everyone
A removal of the familiar
It is a valley we must all pass through

So prepare yourself
While you still have a chance
While it is your Today
While you’re still this side of the grave
Do not listen to satan’s song & dance
Of denial

Who owns this world & us
In a darkened voice do not place your trust
Only God promises renewal of your life
A final calm, relief from all pain & strife

Why do we ignore this deep but
Simple truth
In this world amidst your daily struggles, toil
Death is something no one can avoid

VICTORY! (encounters)


The first a black blob
Laying on my chest
Interrupting my night’s rest
Slight fear arose
But these words I chose
In the name of Jesus of Nazareth
Be gone!
Before the next heartbeat
It disappeared

The second sat on a throne of glory
(attempting to imitate the Lord of Lights)
I sensed something was not right
Yet by him was I fooled
A finger touched my lips
As I drew too near
Next day was I sick
Should’ve listened to the fear

The third resembled a child
Again lying on my chest
In form appearing fairly mild
But when it smiled (more of a grimace)
Pointed razors had it for teeth

Words proceeded from its mouth
Susie, what are you trying with this book
I needed not another single look
In the name of Jesus of Nazareth,
Be gone!
It disappeared
Lost in its own fear

The last (but not the least)
Resembled a grown man
(I was prepared though slightly scared)
Speaking again did I begin
In the name of Jesus of Nazareth
Be gone!

This one, however, did not run
Spoke these words
Oh, no, it doesn’t work like that
Replying I yelled
Oh yes it does
In the name of Jesus of Nazareth
Be gone!
It disappeared.

Forms of only black
Shades of grey, no color
Seeking to incite my terrors, fear
The demons reeking, smelling
Of darkness, violent destruction
This I wish to make absolutely clear

Unpleasant creatures were they
Yet please listen, stay,
They have not the last word
All power belongs to the Lord above
Christ conquered all such creatures
(satan even)
On a bloodied cross
Destroyed all of evil’s loss
As He at last died
& in His final sigh
Won forever your VICTORY!!

Knee Deep

Knee Deep

There you are
Knee deep in those waters
Where most sense danger
And then run & scatter
Yet you have wandered outward
Seemingly without a care

All around you life’s flows never cease
But do not be so foolish
As to let all your follies increase
Beware those seemingly
Placid waters for now
Do not upward rise quickly
& underneath them drag you down

God still cries, holds out arms
To bring you home
Back onto a safer ground
Wishes for you to cease to roam
No longer within his voice’s sound
Or out of his love’s caresses

Leave those roaring depths of satan’s dangers
All those lurid temptations hold nothing
but the cunning voice of a stranger
Yield to Christ’s love flowing freely 
In His bright blood on a cross 
Step out of those cold dark powers 
That carry only the pain of sin’s deepest loss