Winter Whites

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 Winter Whites
 Winter always reminds me of white -- purity. I don’t know, maybe because 
that’s when it snows the most. Things always seem to slow down.
 The frantic growing of spring and summer is absent. The earth seems
 to be taking a rest.
 Less rushing around
 Time to let go
 More repose
 Be slow
 More inner reflection
 Look for a higher direction
    For my thoughts
 Be enveloped by
 Peaceful stillness 
 Make it an endeavor most earnest
 Go deeper into myself
 That inner me
 I usually place upon a shelf
 As I rush around
 Get to know God’s peace that
 Passes understanding.
 Come, Lord Jesus, come.
 Recreate your world and
 Leave your peace and repose! 

The Water Fountain

 Water Fountain
 For all the broken-hearted,
 The oppressed, rejected,
 The unloved,
 There is a fountain
 Eternally forever above
 Shining with light
 So bright
 This overwhelming Love
 From the heart of God
 Roaring, flooding
 From His Heart’s Spring
 It’s rushing
 To cleanse, protect
 Unto the effects
 Of a fallen world
 Upon our lives,
 Our souls
 May His love bind
 My heart to His
 So I may live
 In the shelter of
 His wings
 This fountain
 Roaring, ignoring
 satan’s hatred
 he will not win
 Soon will be his end
 This you will see
 If you believe
 In His Son
 His death on a cross
 Was not our loss
 But a victory
 In His loving hand
 I live
 Already in
 His Promised Land!! 

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 A language lips will
 Never know
 Holds me enthralled
 From crown to toes
 My inner essence flames
 Held inside this fleshly cage
 Consumed at last yet held
 Until the coming of a greater age
 My being vibrates 
 With your love, O’ Lord
 As your fingers stroke & fan
 The light of life within
 Held in the center of your hand
 Where all true Joy & Peace begin 


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 That cross,
 Slick & sticky
 from the red flood
 Of your precious blood
 Soaking, dripping 
 from above
 Down to me
 Each precious drop
 A powerful weapon
 Only it has power to stop
 satan’s hatred, 
 storm of fury
 cruel & angry,
 Against our lives
 As you took
 Your last breath 
 I am left
 Knowing your death
 Won my freedom
 While I lean my head
 Against the wood
 Rough & hewn
 By man carved 
 only to disgrace
 I gaze upon your 
 Lovely dead face
 Knowing you are 
 Returned to your
 Rightful throne of glory
 I will sit at your feet
 On this blood-soaked ground
 I do not care if I am found
 Sitting here
 Leaning into your cross
 I know heaven’s deepest loss
 Has returned my life to me
 So may it ever be 
  For each & all of those
 Who unafraid will dare
 To lean into your cross!
 King Jesus
 May I always live
 Leaning against your cross! 

Waking Impression

Here is a repost of something that happened to me awhile back. Hope you enjoy!

Sometimes I have what I call waking impressions or visions if you like. It was early in the morning. I had just woken up. In it, it was like I could sense God overhead and below him closer to the ground was an almost shapeless, glistening object.  I sensed it represented a human soul.

I sensed He was showing me why he places so much value on each person. We are made of the same basic material as the living God, pure spirit. The real us is a spirit created in the image of God, eternal, never going to cease to exist. Our intellect, our emotions and our will are the real us. For everyone, our physical shells will die and cease to function, but not our eternal souls.

I think the message was this is why He places so high a value on us, higher than I can understand. I needed this message maybe more than anyone. The beggar on the street means as much to God as the President of the United States. May God bless your day!!