Glory shattered on a tree
But only temporarily
Lifted upward into an azure sky
Why oh why does this always
Give me the urge to endlessly cry?

It was perfect love on display
Selflessly giving itself away
And for us fallen creatures
His creation’s men
Did it only so a pain-free home
One day we would be allowed to win

Jesus dying in a horrible agony
Lifting His face to His Father’s Heaven
And seeing into this earth’s future
Thought of only you and me
With that last beat of His Loving Heart
Creating for us a higher, purer destiny!

The Opportunity

The Opportunity

Choices, choices
Come every day
From here and there
In close and further ways
Some on us are forced
But in a lot
We hold complete sway
Over our own choice

Small ones, large ones
But there is none more massive
Or more important
One in which we cannot
Remain at all just passive
The one that determines 
Where our forever will be spent

For every person, every soul
On this revolving planet
This is a proving, testing ground
Your own choice for your forever
God will most surely grant it

He gives free will
Does not force His ways upon you
Most miraculously of all, 
He will let you choose
To live with Him forever
In His stress-free perfected home
Or let you in a pain-filled, cold
And tortured darkness
Always and forever roam

So, you see, 
Will you take this opportunity
To choose your own eternity
Today, tomorrow, the next day,
All these each are now your chance
You are allowed to make your own fate
Of pain without His face forever
Or between His shining pearly gates 
In joy at last to enter His love’s eternal dance!

To Testify

This a repeat of an earlier post. I realize people are sometimes uncomfortable sharing supernatural or spiritual experiences they have had, but I only tell this because I want people to know how real God is and how much He does loves you.

I have sleep apnea. I don’t know if you know what that is, but that’s where when you lay down on your back to sleep the muscles that hold up your soft palette at the back of your throat relax so much that the palette itself collapses downward and blocks your airway. In other words, you stop breathing. It is dangerous and can kill you.

However, one night before I realized how dangerous sleep apnea can be, I went to sleep one night and somehow must have gotten off my side and into a position that was not safe. I woke up suddenly and was in a different place.

I remember feeling a slight tinge of fear but was mostly confused, thinking where am I?? All around me was nothing but deep blackness until suddenly I could see this spiral of beautiful, puffy white clouds spiraling off into the distance. I did not want to look at the far distant end of the spiral because I had this sudden knowledge that if I looked at it, there would be no going back. Somehow I just knew that. Don’t know how, but I just did, but I was not given a choice. I had to look at the end of the spiral, and so I did.

Next, let me say that I had no physical sensation at all. I was fully awake, fully conscious, but there were no physical sensations. I had no awareness of a body.

To get back to where I was, as soon as I looked at the end of the spiral of clouds, I was in the other place, but this one was different. This beautiful, beautiful light was everywhere. It glistened and shone like nothing I have ever seen. But the light was alive. There was a massive intelligence or presence inside the light. Like nothing I have ever experienced.

It was so bright it almost hurt to look at it and the colors of the rainbow were moving through it constantly. It was so bright that I turned to look away, but again, I was not given a choice. I had to look at the light so I did.

When I turned to look at it again, suddenly it felt like somebody had taken me and thrown me as hard as they could up against a brick wall. There was this really hard boom, and I was back inside my body. Totally awake but back inside of my body going “What just happened to me.”

I laid there for a few minutes, thinking about what I had just seen and experienced. I moved around a little trying to get my bearings back and then decided the only thing it could have been was for a few minutes or less, because it happened so quickly, so very quickly, is I think I died! It is the only explanation I can think of.

I believe for a very few brief seconds, I was allowed to see some of the glory of the Living God. The light was beautiful beyond words. I wish everyone could have seen it. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

The only reason I wanted to tell this is I hope it will reassure everyone that there really is life after death, and that God is more beautiful than any of my weak human words could ever express.

I pray that the living God Himself will bless your day and your whole life and that you can get to know Him better. He really does love you very, very much. God Bless You.

My Value!!

My Value!

My value does not
come from you
But the One who
Came to recreate
Me anew
To Christ
Is all of my loyalty due

Forgive me, dear friends
If I've learned to refuse
To listen to what
You tell me to do
My trust for my value
Belongs in that One
The Only One,
Who died For me

It's in His eyes
That I sink or swim
In whom all my worth,
This world’s reality
Begins & ends!!



God is everywhere
Even when you breathe
He's filling that air
Not just in any one location
He's in the place you are
If you wish for a quickening
Then inside of yourself there
Must be a great awakening

We must show up first
If we truly desire to see
The Living Spirit's outburst
Wherein we daily live
Completely back to God 
Ourselves must we give

Put God first above everything
Let us put aside distractions
Large houses, faster cars, money 
Entertainment, useless possessions
Lusts from a world so broken
Of your soul do not give 
Your only Creator
Just a few small, paltry tokens

If we give Him our very best
Then God for us will do the rest
So this will be our greatest test
As first we must
Return to Him
Then He will return to us 
To heal our sins’ ugly scars
No matter where you are!!

What is it to Love?

What is it to Love?

What is love
It is to sacrifice
For the sake of another
Not only for a lover
But for a sister or 
A brother

It is to resist
Those demonic urgings
To twist 
our original innocence
& to stand in defiance
Of that satan's mindless
Darkened call 
For us over & over
Again To fall
Into His pit of hell

So give to all our brothers
Be generous with one another
And return to this earth
As was intended from its inception
And our original birth
The ability to sincerely love
& no longer from us 
Will God depart
Choosing to return us instead
To that Paradise it is
To live only within His heart!