YOU are


You are the flame
Within the candle’s light
You are the fire
Within its heat
The wind inside each 
Taken breath
The song that causes
My small heart to beat

Without YOU, 
I would not,
Could not
Begin to exist
Your love alone helps me
Each of this dark world’s lusts
To resist

Praise you, 
Thank you
For helping me along
Each of life’s most treacherous
Precarious turns & twists!!

Half A Chance

Half a Chance

In the cold
Trembling, shaken
A thick darkness enfolds
My heart
Only an unknown terror awaits
For each this is
Our fate

Until You came to fulfill
A plan known only by a few
Before any of creation
Designed by a Father, Spirit
And also You
To save and rebirth
All of your humanity
Living on this green earth

You came to save
Our only chance
May I say
We had not half
A chance
Until you came to dance
Among the living dead

So thank you 
Holy Christ
For offering yourself
In us you wished to see
Your face
So my tombstone could read
This one He saved
In vain He did not bleed!

Hope everyone has a happy Fourth of July and stay safe! Praise You Lord Jesus!



Why do we not see
Is it we cannot
Or do not want to be

Faithful, submissive
To someone greater
Than the I of me?

Hardening of the heart
To the idea of such a God
To all of life gives
Only a very false start

Saying I don’t 
Want to see
Does not change
Our Reality 

Open your inner eyes
On just the physical
Do not rely
Do not wear 
As a disguise

For refusal
A lack of perusal
Into the gracious beauty
Of Our Father/Creator!

Yahweh’s Light Shines From You! — Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub It is time to arise from depression and darkness because of the new life and light of God’s Spirit lives inside of believers in Jesus. The light and radiance of Yahweh casts out all darkness. It is your time to shine with the light of God, as it transforms. Although the darkness […]

Yahweh’s Light Shines From You! — Pure Glory