How do You see
Someone as small as
But somehow You do
& as I gaze up at You
You smile down

I am your creation,
Your child
Launched into paradise
But by our own hands
It became quite wild

Restless, lawless
Open rebellion
Our great fall
You tell upon
The pages of 
Your Book

Wandering lost
In pain
Why do we repeat
Over & over again
All that old evil
All that old same

So inside I must look
For guidance
For a better hinderance
To my lost behavior
& so, You gave me
Your Son, my Savior
Praise You Lord God!

Return to me
I will return to you
So, each day I try to follow
That my re-birth
May be renewed!!

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One Cross

One Cross

That cross upon a hill
Reminds us in lonely words
Of a dying sacrifice

Every day while here
He walked, talked, cried
Then spread out his arms 
On a piece of hard tree
To die
For us to justify

Only that one cross,
Although there were
Many others,
Turned us into closer
Sisters, brothers

So, listen to the words
It still whispers
Wreathed in a blood so red
Allow its words within
To ring out, 
Out loud to be said

Found spoken on that tree
Some of the most important words
Ever intended for 
Everyone’s life 
They will surely suffice
A loving Christ’s purest
& most noble sacrifice!

Nothings to Something

Nothings to Something

People say I am a survivor
Really something
But I say no
To you I would like to show 
The Only Something

I am almost nothing
Held together
My skin & bones
As on this planet I roam
Only by the Someone

By whose hand I was
By whom all our sin & death was

This living, breathing God
Is the Great Someone
At whose pleasure I exist
In whose hands joy never desists
& from whom will I never run

We live at His Pleasure
We serve at His Pleasure
At the end all heartbeats
For His Pleasure
All at once &
At last will be gathered!!