Bit of Whimsy – Fall’s Allergies

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Golden Rod

Wicked, wicked
Golden Rod
Without hardly even one single nod
Your pollen’s unceasing furies
Are unleashed
With only one breath
My eyes begin to weep,
Of course, also the drippy nose
I feel I sneeze 
From my head to my toes

So, even though I am enchanted
By your deceitful beauty's glances
Within the earth so deeply planted
Too close I dare not ever linger
As you are for me the bringer
Of each breath’s struggle
And cause me to curse all the troubles
your fall beauties scatter broadly in the air!



Life is revolving
Circumstances Shifting, 
Always evolving
Which is okay
God did not mean for
Us to stay
Forever static

But what are we
To become?
Is there an answer 
To that as I run
My life’s race?
Just around what does 
My life revolve?

All existence
Revolves around
God the Son,
God the Father
God the Holy Spirit
Holding all of life
Every living thing
In their hands

Stars spin, 
Lives end & begin
Planets die off
All in tune to 
A universal melody
An eternal song
Chiming out the purity
Infinity’s bright light
In God’s love

So, join in the dance
Let Him also entrance
Your heart
Join the mighty crowds
That have been endowed
With His Grace, Mercy
Let your life revolve
Around His!

On the Back Burner

On The Back Burner

Life can feel like a hot kitchen
All the stove’s burners going
At full blast
Oh, how long must this heat
& all the turmoil last?
Juggling so many pots
At any or every cost,
Don’t let any boil over
Or all may be lost!

So we attend to what appears
To be the most important
God understands
We have demands
That every day we must meet
All those physical needs

But do not place Him
On that back burner
To avoid meeting with Him
Only He can promise success, 
Control over the other
Pots you might come to win

Put God first
And other things will
Come to fall in line
With due diligence & time
Life can be sweet
But only if you keep
Only GOD 
On that front burner!

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Do Not Worry, Do Not Fret

Do Not Fret, Do Not Worry

There is no need to worry
God is still upon His throne
Surrounded by His endless glory
Resolved still to bring us home
Despite satan’s same sad,
Old & darkened story

Full of lies, murder, deceit
satan loses
For in the end,
God always wins
There is no way 
To stop Him
So do not try
It will only leave your heart
With a very heavy sigh
Of loss

satan knows getting closer
Is his eternity of defeat
That is why his cruel fury
Even greater has he unleashed
Upon our sad & lonely world

But if today you chose
This Living, Christ
Then not one single day of
Your tomorrows will you lose
In God’s Glories-filled Paradise
By His Hands given endless Joys
In the infinity of His Blisses 
To receive His endless kisses!!

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Noise, Noise

Noise, noise to
To fill the ears
With the eyes as well
Does it interfere
On screens everywhere
Floats through the air
With the power to heal
Or our souls to tear

Our world in chaos
Forever in pain
In such a state
Of blindness
Can there be any gain
For deepest peace
Can we grasp onto joy 
Or will we driven be
Over a desperate world to 
Constantly weep?

There is a noise for 
All to seek
That tries to help
You truly reap
That deep inner knowledge
Or what our lives should be
But this can only be found
In quiet & on our knees
Comes in response to
God’s inner urgings
That still, smallest voice
May we respond always
& most gratefully rejoice!

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Do Not Be Unnerved

Do Not Let It Unnerve You

All around the voices of
Chaos loudly sing
Murder, mayhem, 
Destruction’s deadly wings
The bells of darkness 
Piercingly peal & ring
satan laughs as 
More & more peoples
To his magic flute’s songs
Dance & cling


Do not let it unnerve you
The world’s Lord, Creator
God, Yahweh is on his throne
Always in complete control
Even though we may not know
Understand, see all His ways
Same promises still stand
For each woman, child & man

Stay loyal, stay faithful
The I AM is returning 
Sooner than before
Condemned will be
The darkness’s filth
This is My Holy Will
Cruelty, all, will be laid to rest
Hold on tight, do not regress

So, do not let it unnerve you
Trust in these, My Holy Words 
For all of life, do they sound true 
Your reward is on its way
Earth will see its better days
My world will be re-created
Man’s pain totally abated
Cleansed of old ways, death, sin
Earth’s future greatest rewards 
Most assuredly will you win!!