Set Apart

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 Set Apart
 We were meant
 To be set apart
 I believe this
 Deeply in my heart
 Different we
 Should strive
 to be
 So all the world 
 May see
 Our Leader
 His purity
 To this we 
Should run
 As we struggle 
 To shun
 The world
 Sure, we have 
 To live in it
 Love it for sure
 We are not to
 Be of it
 We’re meant
 To live
 In a way much 
 More pure
 Not as greedy,
 Sexually immoral,
 These things
 We should
 Not be 
 His holy love
 More giving
 The world
 In Us 
 Should see
 A Holy Bride
 He longs for us
to be
 As we wait on
 Bended knees
 Longing to please
 Only Him
 Let us win
 This race
 As we let go
 Of every trace
 Of ourselves
 Let us dare
 To be different
 Stand out
 Give a holy shout
 Christ’s Name
 It is the same
 Yesterday, Today
 For His return will
 All death, pain,
 & every sorrow

Total Transformation

 Total Transformation
 In time, a caterpillar becomes
 The butterfly
 To rise, float thru 
 Bluest skies
 An infant becomes 
 A man
 Meant to reach upward
 For God’s hand
 Both created by the
 Same generous
 Loving Father
 Desiring, waiting
 All nature again to gather
 To Himself
 Allow yourself to follow 
 That inner instinct 
 That interior pulling
 That deepest urge
 Toward this 
 Christ & Lord
 It can be the Undoing
 In your life, the total Purge
 Of satan’s evil darkness

Painting is a Process

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I have been trying to learn how to use a digital painting program. Here are some of the transitional stages of finishing a piece of art work I thought I would try. The first picture is a sketch I did on paper, and the second is where I transferred it into a colored canvas in the paint program. It’s fun to work with. Praise God, and I hope you have a great day!


 It still amazes me, Lord
 That even yet today
 You want to share
 Your Goodness with me
 My imperfections are almost
 As numerous & vast
 As the span of one of 
 Your seas
 I stumble, I fall
 I walk then I crawl
 Down here I never 
 Quite pull it all
 Yet Someday I know
 Yourself you will show
 To each, to every & all
 I will live to display,
 on that Heaven’s Perfected Day
 Only Your Shining Glory
 My imperfections will be
 Forever washed, wiped
 Completely Away! 

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The Screen

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 The Screen
 The screen
 That presence
 So widely seen
 In our homes
 Carried in
 Our hands
 In every land
 Or desktop
 Servers galore
 In their memories
 They can store
 And they do
 Spit out
 Whatever gets
 Put into them
 By us
 Coming thru
 Our hands
 The minds &
 Hearts of man
 That screen
 That influence
 I have seen
 Thick or lean
 Large or small
 Speaks & calls
 To us all
  Thru the light
 Of that flickering
 Images of good
 Images of bad
 Calling our names
 Playing their games
 With everyone
 Angels & demons
 Portrayed in fantastical
 It’s really so sad
 Because both do exist
 In the midst
 Of the lives of man
 So be careful what 
 You allow 
 To be fed into
 Your mind
 Look for truth
 & learn
 to wisely turn
 from that
 Invasive Screen!