Knee Deep

Knee Deep

There you are
Knee deep in those waters
Where most sense danger
And then run & scatter
Yet you have wandered outward
Seemingly without a care

All around you life’s flows never cease
But do not be so foolish
As to let all your follies increase
Beware those seemingly
Placid waters for now
Do not upward rise quickly
& underneath them drag you down

God still cries, holds out arms
To bring you home
Back onto a safer ground
Wishes for you to cease to roam
No longer within his voice’s sound
Or out of his love’s caresses

Leave those roaring depths of satan’s dangers
All those lurid temptations hold nothing
but the cunning voice of a stranger
Yield to Christ’s love flowing freely 
In His bright blood on a cross 
Step out of those cold dark powers 
That carry only the pain of sin’s deepest loss

The Light is Meant to Shine!

Light is meant to shine

White Light against the darkness
Hope against despair
This world certainly carries a 
Heart wrenching load 
Of troubles and cares

But us, 
We Christians,
Are meant to shine as lights
Of God’s Joy and Holy Might
Meant to carry His Love
Sent from heavenly abodes above

So if you carry Christ’s name
Remember diligently His fame
Speaks of His grace, mercy
And His death’s sacrifice
Which brought down to all mankind
All of heaven’s glorious light
We are meant to carry into
A darkened world’s despairing 
Terror and fright!

A Study In Contrasts

I could not resist this shot of the contrast between the brilliant light of the day’s sun on the dark surface of the river’s water. Have a blessed day!

A Study In Contrasts

Would we know
Happy without sad
The good without the bad
Light without the dark
Or hot without the cold
Or even God if we had
Not eternal souls?

I do not think I have
The answer for such things
Or can even begin to truly understand
Only our God holds in His gentle hands
The reason behind all such things intended
in His eternity’s great plans.

First Blushes

KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera

I am blessed enough to live in an area of the world where we have all four seasons. The first blushes of autumn are just beginning with a few reds, oranges and golds in the tree leaves. I hope everyone can enjoy their autumn. Have a great day. Praise God!

First Blushes

First blushes
Are like
First loves
Tingling from your
Nose to your toes

Like a drug of
So are nature’s
First blushes
As season’s change
Just a first glimpse
Of something
Beautiful yet
To come

So as autumn’s
First colors
Come out to play
They remind that
Life is here to stay
This is a whispered
Of even more joy
On the way

But why or 
Autumn dies in 
Such fiery glories
Of raging oranges, reds
& golds
Because it will be
God’s fiery intense love
That ends all the struggles
For man’s eternal soul
ushering out everything old

So, as angels begin to 
Of approaches of winter
Their voices remind us
Another re-creation
Awaits from God
Re-created New World,
End of all pain, strife
As we look into the face
Of our Resurrected King
He announces the return
Of mankind’s new Spring!

Last Wildflowers

KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera

I was trying to catch the last of this summer’s wildflowers on our greenway system down by the river. The drier season of Fall has set in so the flowers are starting to fade away, but there’s always next Spring! I hope you have a blessed and good Saturday.

Bit of Whimsy – Fall’s Allergies

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Golden Rod

Wicked, wicked
Golden Rod
Without hardly even one single nod
Your pollen’s unceasing furies
Are unleashed
With only one breath
My eyes begin to weep,
Of course, also the drippy nose
I feel I sneeze 
From my head to my toes

So, even though I am enchanted
By your deceitful beauty's glances
Within the earth so deeply planted
Too close I dare not ever linger
As you are for me the bringer
Of each breath’s struggle
And cause me to curse all the troubles
your fall beauties scatter broadly in the air!