Fiery Fingers!

Fiery Fingers

May fiery fingers touch
For a rebirth of Your church
Which only water & Your Spirit
Can re-ignite!

Renew a radical passion
For the Living Christ
His glorious power & might
Beheld in a scalding light
Of newness & true life!

Live within the warmth, affection
Of Spirit, Father & a Holy Son
As found only in that Blessed Trinity
Give to all who sincerely struggle to look
A Wise clarity’s power to truly see!

A Rending

The Rending

To rend or rent is
To be torn apart with violence
& thus will the skies overhead
In a Holy Book is said
Be rent apart 
This for us will be
Our wonderful new start

Earth, sky, heavens
Rent open will all be
As we watch to see
A Living God
Return to claim
In His Gracious Name
And Holy Fame
His creation in totality

Hordes of mighty angels 
Will descend
Coming evil’s reign to end
Overwhelming the earth
As Christ in His Power asserts
His Kingship, Ownership
Of a Recreated
Restored, New World

Truly Alive!

Truly Alive

Spirits all for Now
Bound, so tightly, held,
Within the cage of
this fleshly shell

Someday to be released
Will we be angel or the beast?
Endure darkness’ chains
Or a heavenly feast?
Will we choose
To gain better or lose?

So take the gift of your
Now Alive
& with all of your strength,
Fiercely struggle, intensely try
Stretch for those heavenly skies
& reach for the more,
The better in the privilege
It is to be Truly Alive!

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A Fiery Dance


When I think of Jesus
I think of fire & a heat
Found only in
the cadence
& the beat
Of His Intensely Holy Dance!

So trembling, with moving feet
Across the room I sweep
Caught up in, entranced
Within Your Holy Dance!

Limbs intertwining
By your side I am sighing
For this enchanting dance,
We should ever be so willing
To suffer any reprimand
Or even the risk of dying
From the hand of man!

Testify, Testify

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Testify, Testify

Speak in whom you believe
Don’t be afraid to let
The whole world see
Show your faith
Break open those silent gates
& Testify

Life is not about
Philosophy or religion
But a Someone
A one and only Son
Salvation came 
Only because He gave
His Life

We are a creation
Made in Someone’s image
To be a smaller imitation
Of His Greatness’ reality
A goodness, love,
Righteous purity

So, let go
Let the words flow
Speak their names
Christ, Yahweh,
Rejoice you are allowed to say
Ring out the words
About whom you believe!