What Not Me!

What not me!

A sinner
What not me!
Such words belong
Only to the antiquities

God loves me 
This I know
& only blessings 
Do I want to be shown

Suffering is not what
I deserve
God should give me
What I want when I want it
Is that not what you observe?
I wish to live as I desire
So tell me no unpleasant words

Picking up my cross
Salvation from hell
So please, 
Such words to me
Do Not Tell!

But yet,
I sigh
Sometimes I cry
Longing for something
I feel I am missing
I do not have that bliss yet
Where is it of that word
I have often heard
My kismet?

So pastor speak to me
The truth
Perhaps that is
Really the only precious root
Of all existence
I promise to now listen
Without resistance

Come Lord Jesus
Teach me
Holy Spirit reach me
I beg
I wish to only 
Be led
Forever & always
Toward your glory 
Which eternally and blissfully
Now surrounds your Head!

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