The Loudest Shout!

The Loudest Shout!

The loudest shout ever heard
Around the world
In desperate need of a cure
For its illness
A bloodied, beaten Savior
On a cross
Trying to restore God’s favor
To His humanity so lost

It was God’s shout
Of His intense wrath
Against our sin was it about
to gather us back
from down a forbidden path
of our indolent selfishness

So listen to that shout
From a cross now heard
It was His final proof
To deface all doubts
Meant to instill a deeper faith
More holy, more devout
In His loving grace
Shown deeply through the
Beautiful yet human face
Of His Precious Only Child!

Do not deny it
By not listening
Of our spirits
We need a quickening
A re-positioning
To stand up 
& listen
& no longer condone
The darkness of
Our own restless sin

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