Too Archaic?

Too Archaic?

An old, archaic word
You say
But just listen
If you will but stay
Is not man also ancient
On the face of 
This revolving planet?

Also, since antiquity
Yet basically
Man is as the same
Since all the history of 
Our yesterdays
Thru & up to 
All the current of
Our present’s todays!

Do not overrule that 
Ancient word
Spun from the workings of 
A devil
satan seeks only to destroy
Every man, woman
Girl & even the youngest of 
All the boys

Work against it
Within yourself
Try to overcome it
Seek God’s light,
His Spirit’s pure power
To win for each of us
Of life these hours
That can come at us
In such a resounding,
Cascading crush!

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