The Retort

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on
The Retort

Here there everywhere
Spinning words into the air
Buy this buy that
So they can have their share
Of our money

Buy things you don't really need
Here it is come & see
Only this new thing 
Will make you truly happy

So we listen to their song
How I wish they would leave 
Us alone!
They rail they rant
On & on trying to enchant

 But life has more meaning
Than what on a surface 
may be seeming
To be so important

A Savior's voice
Trying to retort
To a world's greedmongers
Says there is another better choice

A kingdom of heaven 
May first you seek
So your Dearest soul 
Will Christ pursue
Desires to keep
Within His hands
Forever to live with Him
In God's most holy & Purest
New promised land!

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