God is everywhere
Even when you breathe
He's filling that air
Not just in any one location
He's in the place you are
If you wish for a quickening
Then inside of yourself there
Must be a great awakening

We must show up first
If we truly desire to see
The Living Spirit's outburst
Wherein we daily live
Completely back to God 
Ourselves must we give

Put God first above everything
Let us put aside distractions
Large houses, faster cars, money 
Entertainment, useless possessions
Lusts from a world so broken
Of your soul do not give 
Your only Creator
Just a few small, paltry tokens

If we give Him our very best
Then God for us will do the rest
So this will be our greatest test
As first we must
Return to Him
Then He will return to us 
To heal our sins’ ugly scars
No matter where you are!!

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