To Gain A Loss!

To Gain a Loss!

Once in a first century
A people lived
Under much evil treachery
Not willing to commit 
Any libel or perjury
They gave their all
To a suffering Savior
To listen to His voice's tender call

‘Come to me all you who are weary
And I will give you rest’
But the question is are you willing
To withstand a broken world’s tests
To carry His name, 
Out loud His sovereignty
To acclaim

Life is not about pleasure alone
But about a God who loves 
From above on a golden throne
Willing to sacrifice everything 
So all of us into His Paradise
He could finally at last bring

So do as those heroes of the past
(today we would surely stand aghast)
They were willing to lose all
They obeyed, listened, answered Christ’s call
Losing jobs, homes, even their own blood
To wear the name proudly of ‘Christian’!

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