Many slogans, jargon
Thrown out,
Fly around our heads
Words spoken
That get said
By poorly educated sources

Follow your dreams
Follow your own heart
I wish for a start
These words would 
Come to light
Follow your God, 
Jesus Christ
Containing such might!

What a different world 
Would we see
If from a bended knee
We took a different perspective
As a group collective
Would be more effective
If we ceased to worship 
The self

So follow the only truly One,
Holy Father, Spirit Son
Who can give more than 
We are able to imagine
Perfect love, joy, peace
If we began to follow Him
With a deep radical passion
I tremble with exhilaration
At the thought, what could happen!

A different, better world if
We followed His heart
Rather than merely following
Our own
Better life for all would
Most certainly to be shown
As closer & closer to Him
We have grown
& deeper into our hearts
His Divine Light has been sown!! 

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