Like A Sore Thumb

Like A Sore Thumb

Let me say to begin
Never were we meant
To fit in
Our most gracious leader
Was despised
Then & now by a world that denies
His existence!

In pain He tried to lead
And with loving words
Our souls will feed
But on us Heaven will make
Some demands
If you love me, you will obey
My commands
He tells us

Christ’s church, family, 
Is meant to be
And is to be seen
As different from the world so lost
We are to follow His example
For our lives no matter what it costs

So we are to walk, talk, 
Eat, sleep, even smell
Different from a world
Which only can tell
Of satan’s acidic corruption
That insidious, deceitful destruction
Of the human soul
Christ came to release us 
From all that demonic control!

So, live in it, but be not of it
We are to stick out as a sore thumb
So a generation thru you may come
To know the living Christ
To be the light, the salt
To receive His true call!

Shake off satan’s chains of darkness
Struggle, forge ahead, do your best
Reach for Christ
And thru His total bodily sacrifice
On a bloody Roman cross
Count all worldly gain a loss
And receive His Paradise!!

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Book Review – Sorry Bestie

Hope everyone is having a good day! Below is a book review I had the privilege of doing for the author, Felicity Abbott. The book is available on Amazon and is a good read for teens and their parents.

This an interesting and well written story with a strong message about an issue, bullying, that is present in all of our schools, both public, and in this book, private. Parents can feel safe about their teenager reading this book as it is a good clean read and brings out the Christian value of treating one another the way you would like to be treated. I liked the main character, Lacy, a young teenager. Written in a believable way, she is a victim of bullying along with several of her friends. The story shows how difficult it is for teenagers to know how to handle a bullying situation by themselves, and how important it is for parents to stay close to their children and to know what is going on in their lives. It also depicts how devastating the effects of bullying can be for some children. Again, this is a good read for any teen and their parents on a subject which is so common in our society among our teenagers.

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New Youtube Channel – Book Trailer

Above is a new book trailer I created for my debut novel, WHEN HEAVEN SIGHS. It plays on YouTube and its link is Click on the link to enjoy it on youtube. Have a blessed day & Praise God!!

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Book Review – The Messenger

I got to do another book review for the new release by author Mike Kastle for his book The Messenger available on Mike Kastle is just a pen name for a man who has spent a lot of his life working in China as a part of medical teams giving medical care while undercover trying to spread the good news of the forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ. For security reasons, he does not use his real name.

This is a moving and inspiring testimony to the power of God’s Spirit that can reside in each and every follower of the living Christ. It tells how each Christian can every day truly be a Messenger for God’s Son living in us and His message of forgiveness of man’s sins. With accounts of his experiences in China, Mike Kastle tells how that same power transformed lives even to the point of people willing to risk death and imprisonment just to be a Messenger for Christ and His truth.
The author states how the radical passion for Jesus of the early church is needed just as badly today to transform our neighborhoods, our nation and the rest of the world. God’s word and message needed so desperately today will always return to Him having fulfilled the mission it was sent out for.