3 Somebodies!


 3 Somebodies
 Three on a throne
 Living as one
 Universe awash in
 Their love
 Throbbing, pulsating
 In beauty
 Breathing as one
 More life-giving
 Than any sun
 A Father, Son &
 Holy Spirit
 Above this world
 They reach to lift, 
 This is their unique gift
 For each of us
 So we are blessed
 During the tests
 Of these our lives
 To be not loved 
 By just one
 3 hands reach down
 toward the violent sounds
 of our discord and ugly abuse
 of each other
 3 somebodies
 To conquer this world
 Help us transcend
 Into their joy & a
 Love which never 
 Ever ends!!

I pray everyone can have a very God blessed day today. Praise God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. You are completely and 100% loved.

The March

The March

March, March, March

Marching thru life

We will all go on

Restless and in strife

Without the truth of

Reality’s sight

People on a sidewalk’s

Hardened concrete surface

March through existence

And only death’s curse

And its unending insistence

Will finally end their march

If we only will open our eyes

Peruse what lies beyond

That thinnest veil of the skies

Look up, a loving God waits

Longing, sighing wishing

Your unhappy pain to abate

Do not stay lost

Lonely in that pain

Look up

Let Him call your name

Take that tiniest first step

Eternity’s most splendid pleasures

Wait to be your greatest gain!



Selfish man,

You take your stand

On a land

You do not possess

You do not own

Even one groan

Of this earth, sea or sky

Not a single one of its sighs

Everything, us all

Belongs to someone else

This is our greatest test

To understand,

Be led into eternity

To recognize our smallness

Cupped within the power of

God’s hands

The only place we can stand

Within His Will for us

To know you better

Be forever unfettered

from my ignorance

& physicality

To get to know you

One on one

This is why your Son

Was sent & bore His scars

Bringing us home

No more to roam

In the darkness between the stars

Small Saturday Adventure

KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera

We couldn’t resist it. Yesterday was so beautiful. Where we live in the southern states is normally hot and very humid, but the temps and humidity were both lower yesterday. We decided to take a short drive down the interstate and visit one of the smaller towns in our area. We rambled through a few antique malls. Yes, I did spend a few dollars on an antiquey(is that a word? probably not but oh well) looking tablecloth then my husband and I decided to eat lunch at one of their smaller restaurants.

Boy, was it good! You never know what you’re going to get sometimes in places like that, but they had a wonderful hot bar with barbeque ribs, fried chicken and several sides of really good vegies. But the piece de resistance of the meal was hands down the wonderful peach cobbler off the hot bar. It had so much butter in it that it literally was oozing and floating up to the top of the crust. I am not kidding when I say I have not in a long time put something that good in my mouth.

So, to cut to the chase, we had a really nice Saturday. We had not done that since before the COVID virus shut things down. It was good to get out again and actually eat inside a restaurant. I’m not normally a big fan of small towns, but sometimes I can see the appeal of a slower paced, quieter lifestyle where getting to be closer to your neighbors is easier to do.

I hope you got to enjoy your Saturday and how beautiful our God/Creator’s world can be at times. May He bless you always.

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Pleasure Seeking!!

It is so sad to see such a great country as ours literally destroying it self morally. There is still good and God’s grace and love in it, but America is slowly dying from moral decay. We have had the sexual revolution of the 60’s but now have the highest divorce rate in the industrialized world and an almost total lack of respect for marriage, the home and the family. We don’t even try to hold our homes together for our own little babies. Sexual morality is falling apart. Our entertainment glorifies sexual promiscuity and infidelity.

We are so caught up in consuming useless man-made things and hedonistic pleasure seeking we can’t hardly see straight. There is more to life than just partying all the time. God meant for our lives to be so much more. Seek His ways. His guidelines for life give it a richer depth and show us we were created to share His love, glory and peace and to reflect that back to each other.

Dear God,

I pray for a spiritual revival in this country. We need you so badly. May we return to the foot of your cross Lord Jesus to find our purpose in this world again. In your name I pray, Amen.

Lost & Found



Lost & Found

The Lost, afloat

No anchor for

Their boat



In the dark

Searching, searching

Only a small light

Gives any sight

Within the heart


Only an empty

Darkened sea

Carries the small boat

Without hope

For land’s safety


But, oh, the found

Never do they run aground

In trouble

Son’s light shines

To light their skies

Eternally overhead


Guided in Hope,

Love, Faith

They enter celestial gates

In Triumph!


Paradise beckons

Perfect Father awaits

Take the next steps

To make sure you sail

your boat through

God’s Golden, Celestial Gates!!